Our Community Service Agency (CSA) serves families and children who are enrolled members of MassHealth or eligible to be enrolled in MassHealth Standard or CommonHealth. If you are a parent or guardian of a child who has a serious mental, behavioral or emotional difficulty, we can help to get you and your family the services you need.

How the CSA Works for You and Your Family

We all want the best for our kids. But it can be hard to find and coordinate the best services to help your child and family to thrive.

We’re here to help. We help you to find and coordinate the supports and services your family needs — right in your home community.

For example, you might have a child who struggles academically in school, has no friends, and has angry outbursts at home that you struggle to manage. CSA can help by first providing a comprehensive assessment of your family’s needs and strengths. We then work with you as the parent or guardian and your child to identify what supports and services are already in place and what services you might still need. Then, we work to bring your family and all the supports and services together to develop and agree upon the vision of what your family is striving for. We work as a team to collectively take steps to help your family achieve that vision.

Who We Serve

Salem/Cape Ann Area: We serve children (under 21) from Beverly, Danvers, Essex, Gloucester, Hamilton, Manchester, Marblehead, Middleton, Peabody, Rockport, Salem and Wenham.

Haverhill/Merrimack Valley: We serve children (under 21) from Amesbury, Boxford, Georgetown, Groveland, Haverhill, Ipswich, Merrimack, Newbury, Newburyport, Rowley, Salisbury, Topsfield and West Newbury.

How We Can Help You?

Right now, you may feel that you are the only family going through these challenges. But you’re not alone. Our experienced, compassionate staff will work with you to set your goals and meet your family’s specific needs. Also, we will train, coach you and connect you to services and supports in your community — including self-help or support groups for parents and guardians.

Questions? Contact Us:

Salem/Cape Ann: 978.922.0025
Haverhill/Merrimack Valley: 978.374.0414.

We will respond to your call within 72 hours (maximum).

Is your child

If any or some of these issues apply to your family, you are not alone.

Our Community Service Agency (CSA) team is here to support families who live north of Boston, on the North Shore and in the Merrimack Valley.

Read about our services and watch our introductory video.

Or contact us:

Salem/Cape Ann: 978.922.0025
Haverhill/Merrimack Valley: 978.374.0414