Every year, we work with over 36,000 people across our various sites and clinics. Watch and listen to our clients’ stories in the videos below.

Second Chances:
A Young Woman’s Journey

When Fear Turns to Courage: Recovering from Trauma

“A Better Life”: A Teenager’s Story (pdf)
pdf doc "A Better Life"
“Who Will Help My Child?” A Mother’s Story (pdf)
PDF doc: .'A Mother's Story'


Sounds of Healing

woman playing guitar

Located in downtown Haverhill, Cornerstone Adult Behavioral Learning Center works with adults (18 and over) with significant mental illness diagnoses, such as anxiety, clinical depression, bipolar disorder and others.

Cornerstone is a five-day-per-week recovery and rehabilitation program that includes group counseling, life skills, music therapy, mindfulness and other modalities.

As part of its music therapy program, our clients have created an audio recording of their music production entitled “Sounds of Healing.”

While recording this rhythmic piece, our clients were happy, focused, and having fun—which is what music therapy is all about.

The program can be reached at 978.564.1601.

Listen to “Sounds of Healing” here. (Music will open in new page. Use back button to return.)