Mental Health First Aid Training and Certification

Hear from the experts

Watch this video to learn more about Youth Mental Health First Aid and how it can help your school, police department, family or youth center .

Or listen to this NPR interview and profile on how all  police departments in Rhode Island are using this tool to help them work more effectively with those who have mental health issues.

The National Council for Behavioral Health—a national trade group with more than 2,500 member organizations—helped bring Mental Health First Aid to the U.S. in 2008, with the goal of making it as common as traditional First Aid and CPR are today.

There are two types of trainings and certifications: Youth Mental Health First Aid (12 - 21) and Adult Mental Health First Aid (21 and older).

Watch this video for a pre-taste of what this training is like.

Mental Health First Aid and Lahey Health Behavioral Services

As the largest provider of outpatient and inpatient mental health and substance use services north of Boston, we are proud to partner with this national program and, through our certified trainers, to be able to offer it to our community organizations.

The trainees attend an eight-hour training (one long session or two, four-hour sessions) that teaches them a 5-step action plan. Trainees also learn risk factors and warning signs, and about available treatments.

Who Takes This Training?

L-R: Trainer Nickey Mullen, LMHC, CEAP and Dr. Mary Anna Sullivan, Chief Medical Officer at our training in Danvers

Teachers, guidance counselors, police departments, EMTs, youth workers, families, corrections officers, healthcare workers and anybody who interacts with the public.

Bring This Training To Your Organization

- If you work with youth: We can collaborate with you to set up a Youth Mental Health First Aid training for your team. We can also help you develop the budget for  this eight-hour training, including the trainees’ take-home kits, formal certificates and other projected training expenses. 

- If you work with adults: We can collaborate with you to set up an Adult Mental Health First Aid training and certification.Again, we can work with you to develop the best setup and projected budget for you.

Call Nickey Mullen, one of our certified trainers, at 978.968.1709 or email us to inquire how we can bring this program to your organization. All trainings are interactive and movement-centered with a required maximum of 30 enrolled participants.


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